FAMSUN Group Co., Ltd

FASMUN executed Go-Global in 1997. In order to best serve the interests of our customers and provide the most accurate and localized experience for users, FAMSUN started “Localization” in 2005. So far, FAMSUN has delivered products, projects, solutions and services to over 140 countries and built a solid network of over 50 local sales and service offices, agencies, and over 40 partnership companies to ensure our global reach extend around the world and provide a neighborhood link to our customers.

We will accelerate our globalization and localization space in ways that:
→ To learn and well know local culture and demand;
→ To bring leading technologies and solutions;
→ To improve food and nutrition security;
→ To share resources what we have;
→ To be a reliable partner of local industry;
→ To provide training and promote Youth Employment;
→ To take up social responsibility;
→ To help create a sustainable agri-food future.